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Hello everyone! 
Sorry for the lack of updates! I was away from my apartment for 2 weeks and am now finally getting back to everything. The next page of the fancomic is almost done, I'm coloring it now. And I am trying to sketch out the next page. Thanks for your patience!

I wanted to let anyone who is interested know about my $15 Patreon postcard tier! The November cards are here and I can send out immediately to anyone wishing to pledge! This month's theme was Gumlee with big autumn sweaters! You can see a photo of them here…
All postcards come in an envelope (If you are concerned about privacy) and have a dumb little message/doodle from me written on the back!

I totally understand if you can't pledge, no worries at all :) I'm just trying to get as many of these sent out as I can before we move on to the December postcards! If you are a $2+ patron you can also vote on the next theme and get access to sketches/linework of future pages!

Anywho, thanks so much for your time! New page on the waaaay!

AND I'm a dummy who forgot the link! You can pledge HERE if you like
Hello all! I finally posted HEX to tapastic and webtoon.
Check it out and subscribe if you like!



And before anyone asks, this is kind of my first time registering to both of these sites, after reading their terms it appears I would not be allowed to post fancomics to Tapastic and Webtoon. So I won't be posting Just Your Problem on these sites, but HEX is on there so please check it out if you can :) Much appreciated! 

Hello everyone!

I have added a new $15 tier for postcards on Patreon!

Before I can make them available I would like my patrons to be involved in what’s on the post card each month!

So, if you're a patron, you can leave a comment on this Patreon post about what you'd like to see for the postcard. The requests will then be put into a poll and everyone can vote. I'll choose from the top 3 voted requests.

Requests can be of fan art or any fandom, HEX or general ideas and themes! No OCs and keep it PG though please haha

I currently only have 2 (very adorable) requests: 

-Marshall attempting to cook for Gumball.

-Gumball and Marshall in giant fuzzy sweaters

It’ll take some time to set this up, create, print, and mail out so, unfortunately, I won't be able to do Halloween themes (lame!) These will be November’s postcards!

Also, if you’re interested in receiving the postcard, you can pledge $15 on my Patreon page and I will start sending them out after Nov 1. They will also come in an envelope in case anyone is concerned about privacy OvO

Thanks for your time! I hope you’ll consider pledging, but I totally understand if you are unable to :) 

Hello Everyone! I have 2 slots open on my Patreon if you’re interested in a commission, $30! 

Examples below, I’ll even draw your naughty adult content! ;p

Head on over to my Patreon page if you’re interested, thank you! 

Untitled-2 by Hootsweets
Doing some coloring of pages 93-94, so spoiler alert if you're not a patron of mine on Patreon and haven't see page 92! 
Its just more kissing and stuff so not really spoilers but whatevs!

It is with great disappointment that I announce a hiatus for HEX. Those who have followed me for awhile will know very well how much I suck at scheduled updates. I thought I had figured it out and I’d be able to do it this time with planning---but NOPE.

So, I’m taking a break from updating HEX for awhile until I get a nice reserve of completed pages again. I’ll learn how to do this comic thing one day! I just need to re-strategize my game plan and work harder. 

I appreciate everyone’s patience with me. I’ll still be working on and posting for my fancomic and the short collab comic I’m doing with sounf 

Hello everyone! The current owner of the Ask-GumLee account is looking to pass it over to a new person! They contacted me asking if I knew anyone interested and I thought I’d make a post about it for any one of my followers that is! 

For more information you can see this post: Anyone want to take over this account?

Please contact that user and not me if you are interested.

I have no affiliation to this blog and have no info for you. :)

Thank you!

Hello everyone!
I'll be streaming pg84 of just your problem, gumlee fancomic, for a couple of hours. Come on in and hang out if you like!
Streaming for a couple of hours if you'd like to come by! :)
Hello everyone, I’m going to be streaming pg 81 of Just Your Problem for a few hours. Come and hang out if you like! :)

Not as exciting as vampires and candy princes making out but if you'd like to come hang out, you're welcome to! 
I will be streaming various pages from HEX I have a lot of coloring to do and a bit of line work so I'll be skipping around from page to page depending on how I feel. 
I guess you could consider these spoilers but we're still doing a lot of set up so I don't think its that bad.

Gonna be streaming in the next few minutes. Just need to get everything set up! 
Hi everyone! Want to see a WIP sketch of the next page of Just Your Problem?? Come support me on patreon and get access to sketches and more! Every pledge helps.
If you can’t pledge, no worries. The comic will still be posted free for all to see! Thanks for your time. OvO
Hello all! I know, I'm sorry for being completely nonexistent these few months. 
HEX is underway and I'm ready to share it with you guys! The only thing left to do is finish off the website. Now I am working to get you the most beautiful, smoothest comic reading experience I can give. So I'd like to know how you prefer to read your webcomics. So if I could bother for a tiny sec to answer this one question in the link below. It would help out so much in the coding for the site.

You are amazing and I appreciate you all! I'll be back very soon with HEX and the gumlee fancomic. 

I will be streaming more of the fan comic sex scene for a few hours. Again, there will be spoilers, dicks, and many a blow job. Come in and hang at your own discretion!
I will post the sketches afterward, if you can't make it or the stream isn't working for you. 

Link below.

EDIT: Thanks to everyone who stopped by! Here are the last few pages I did during the stream.…

Streaming a scene that is later in the fancomic, there will be spoilers and dick so come on by at your own discretion. 

See you later! OvO 

(The stream will be for a couple of hours then will resume when I return from lunch with my folks!)

[Link to stream]

EDIT: Thanks everyone who stopped by. I have posted screenshots of what I got done so far for anyone who's interested… WARNING AGAIN: nsfw and spoilers. Thank you!

Gonna be streaming in a few minutes! Will be working on pg 77 of the fancomic and maybe a HEX piece. Come on over and hang out! :)
CastingCall by Hootsweets

Hey everyone! I guess the voice dub of the fan comic has hit some speed bumps. Some of the participants have decided to fall off the face of the earth so...
They are looking for voices for Cake and Peppermint Maid!

If you are interested please contact somegaynigga
Or checkout the casting call page at……

Please do not contact me about the project, for I know nothing! 

Thanks for your time! :)


Untitled-2 by Hootsweets

The part for Marshall Lee is now open for auditions! Please apply at:…
Good morning, everyone! I wanted to say thank you for all the birthday wishes! I started replying to them, but I don't think I'll get through all of them ><
I was sick with the stomach flu for the last few days, including my birthday :< So it wasn't the best of birthdays but pretty good nonetheless! 
I'm trying to get to the fan-comic soon. Thanks for hanging in there! 
Untitled-3 by Hootsweets

Hi everyone! As suggested by Mellorad , I'm posting a journal entry so everyone knows I'm changing the title of my Gumlee fancomic. “I never said you had to be perfect” is being renamed to “Just Your Problem” And look, I even made a little logo for it. We’re getting there, people! 

Apologies to those who prefer the old title but I can’t stand writing out a whole dang sentence each time. Feel free to still call it by the old name, I’ll know what you’re talking about. Its just going to be “Just Your Problem” on the cover and stuff. Thank you!